Thu. Jul 16th, 2020
Cap And Gown Jordans

High School Drop Out Wears Cap And Gown Jordans To Watch Friends Graduate

LIBERTY, IN – It is graduation day for Union County High School. The graduates, adorned in their caps and gowns, are seated in lawn chairs placed across the football field. The relatives and loved ones admiringly look at the accomplished students. However, not every teenager there is participating in the ceremony. Today, one drop out watches while he wears Cap and Gown Jordans to show support.

Josh Bradley, a former student at Union County High School, states, “I dropped out this year. It was my senior year, but I knew it was the best move for me. My resell business was so getting so busy and school was getting in the way of me making money. Classes made it impossible for me to stalk my monitors and effectively cop. The sneaker business is about speed and I was just too slow as a full-time student.”

Bradley continues, “I’m here to support my fam. I hire most of these guys for bigger drops. I had to rock the cap and gown J’s for their big day.”