Thu. Aug 6th, 2020
Baby Off-White Belt

Father Barely Secures Baby To Chest Using Off-White Belt

NEW YORK, NY- It’s a sunny day in NYC. Families are out in beautiful central park. One fashion forward father has secured his baby to his chest using an off-white belt.

“First – I’m a creative. Second – I’m a father,” says James Kimbel of NYC. We are standing together in Central Park.  A brisk breeze is in the air, a sign the weather is quickly changing. James is looking upwards towards the changing leaves. Strapped to his chest is his 3-month-old son, Paxton, enjoying a binky. James has rigged Paxton to his chest using Off-White’s signature bright safety yellow belt.  This iconic belt is a staple within the streetwear community. It is also what James chose to secure his baby to his body.


He continues, “Don’t get me wrong, I love being a father. The day Paxton was born was the greatest day of my life, but just because I’m a father now doesn’t mean my life as a creative has ended. This is why I’m pushing the boundaries for the culture. I hope to be seen as a role model creative/father in the culture. I knew I struck gold when I came up with the idea to tie Paxton to my chest using an Off-White belt. Plus, it only gives my son a minor rash.”