Fri. Jun 5th, 2020
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UPS Driver, ‘A Little Too Familiar’ With Sneaker Packaging

MILWAUKEE, WI—As sneaker subculture booms in popularity, we’ve seen people from all walks of life dive headfirst into the world of shoes. Sneakerheads in Milwaukee, however, have felt a little bit uneasy as a UPS driver, Brandon Collins, has gotten a little too familiar with the local hypebeasts. Self-proclaimed hype king Gavin Jennings commented:

“I thought Brandon was cool at first. When he would drop off my pickups he’d complement my fit and say he recognized the address of my package from Nike or StockX. Things got weird really quick. He started asking me to resell my pickups to him at way below market price because we were ‘homies,’ and said that it’d ‘be a shame if my boxes got lost.’ I have some Off-White Prestos coming in next week, and if they’re even a minute late I’m calling UPS headquarters.”

Collins was not available for comment but was spotted in a pair of Cream V2’s that appeared four or five sizes too big for him.