Fri. Jun 5th, 2020
Elderly Bot

Elderly Bot User Still Unsure How To Post Twitter Success Photo

BETHESDA, MD- Richard Fink stares blankly at his computer screen with a face of pure confusion. He clicks with trepidation as he tries to work the daunting machine placed in front of him.
“You know, it’s not easy being a senior citizen and working computers. These things aren’t in our DNA like it is for the younger generation.”

Fink continues to scroll, click, and mutter swears underneath is breath.

“Using a bot was hard enough. I figured out the keywords, the proxies, and the server. It worked gosh darn it, but how do I put this on Twitter?”

Fink is attempting to put his bot success on Twitter. He is proud of his accomplishments and wants to flex for the clout. It’s is very important to him as in he sees himself as an icon of elderly sneakerheads.
“My generation could benefit from the resell game. We have a fixed income between Social Security and whatever pensions we have. The extra cash made from being able to resell would benefit a lot of my friends. If I can’t put this on the Twitter how am I supposed to help anybody?”
Fink is a young reseller stuck in a baby boomer body. He claims he wants to help others in his demographic, but we know he is only chasing clout.