Thu. Aug 6th, 2020
Nigel Sylvester Air Jordan

Reseller Sells Nigel Sylvester’s Air Jordan 1 as ‘DS’ After Three Weeks Of Wear

Skid Row, CA —Sneaker reseller, Pablo Guzman, tells us that the Nigel Sylvester Air Jordan 1’s have been his daily wear since he copped them. He states, “I don’t know what to tell you, these shoes combine with some ripped-ass designer clothes straight up make me look like I am homeless. I kind of like the look though, it’s pretty fair. When I was sleeping out on Skid Row trying to complete the whole vibe of the fit, I discovered that around 5% of the population there were just hype beasts like me who were trying to complete their fit. This homeless guy didn’t even understand that they were getting a big steal for me offering my VNDS Acronym Prestos for his entire fit. The distressing on his pants was pretty tight. To go with the whole homeless vibe, I have not showered since I got them, but it just adds to the whole outfit.” Guzman tells us that he is now trying to sell these Jordans as deadstock to StockX. “Dude, the StockX people won’t even know the difference between when I got them and now. Like for real, they still have that good new shoe smell, but it kind of smells like piss and sweat, but are any of those fools going to notice? I don’t think so.”

A few weeks later we reached out to StockX for a word on what happened to the sneakers: “We received the Nigel Jordan 1’s and immediately noticed that the shoe was not deadstock because the smell of the shoe was so horrific. The smell did add to the whole vibe of the shoe, and you know us here at StockX, we do it for the culture, so we let it through. Plus, you know that we had to get that 9.5% commision.”