Fri. Jun 5th, 2020
vetements fashion

Man Gets Pulled Into Vetements Fashion Show After Dry Cleaning Accidentally Swapped With Larger Sizes

SOHO, NY—With the constant excitement of fast fashion in the style capital of the United States, not everything always goes to plan. Last week, during their SS19 show, favorite streetwear brand Vetements mistakenly pulled a passerby into their runway lineup. The catch, his dry cleaning had been accidentally switched with a more significant person’s, giving his modern fit the oversized, billowy look that Vetements fans have grown to love. We spoke to the new model, Carl Mancini, who stated, “When I first found out my dry cleaning was switched, I was furious. I had a presentation at my office that day too, so I had to wear an oversized suit to work. On my way home, some people grabbed me and took me into the neighboring building. At first, I thought this was a kidnapping, but then they pushed me out onto a runway, and I saw a bunch of people dressed just like I was. I guess I’m headed to Milan next month to walk in their next show.

We then spoke to Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, who said “Carl is everything, he is my muse. When I saw him in that suit, I knew he embodied everything I’ve been trying to do with Vetements. I thought he was one of my models! I feel bad for the mistaken kidnap, but beauty is pain, right?”

You can find Carl’s suit in question, originally purchased from Macy’s, on Vetements’ website for a cool $11,000.