Fri. May 29th, 2020
Scammer Friends And Family

Scammer Assures Buyer To Send Payment Via Friends And Family Because Of Religious Reasons

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – Individuals in the scammer community have managed to create fresh and innovative ways of extracting cash from gullible sneakerheads. Frank Yu, a scanner native to San Bernardino, CA, has indeed stepped up this subculture within a culture’s game. He states, “When I first discovered Scientology, I immediately became a follower. I’ve always loved John Travolta and Tom Cruise, so that helped solidify my beliefs. If other religions believe some bearded guy can walk on water, why is it so absurd if Earth was ruled by a double-headed giant who brought all of his people to earth in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs?”

Recently, however, Yu has wowed the scammer community, extending the lore of his controversial religion deep into the roots of his reselling scams. Our sources reveal that the resurgence of the “Friends and family, OK bro?” DMs from various known scammers has originated entirely due to the success of Yu and his persuasive Scientology-based arguments. “I can’t accept goods and services because I aspire to emulate high ranking Scientologists. I refuse to accept money for a product that seems remotely legitimate when I can brainwash people into blindly accepting agreeing.”

Deadstock Report officials have received rave reviews from his victims, a group of sneakerheads whose numbers are growing each day steadily. “Sure, I sent him a $2500 friends and family payment for a pair of OW Chicago AJ1s that he gave me a 78-digit tracking number for, but wow, what an experience!” exclaims Richie Head, a new member of the Frank Yu victim group. Many have similar stories, calling the scam “a truly spiritual adventure.”

Sources suggest Yu will soon start his separate branch of the church, and is currently accepting limited memberships through a Kickstarter campaign. Most of the donors appeared thoroughly moved by his dedication to the religion and more than willing to appropriate their hard-earned money for the cause.

Membership includes, of course, access to tiered benefits of hyped releases ranging from Nike Air Mags to Off-White Blazers in every colorway. However, one must pay their donations through Paypal’s Friends and Family service.