Thu. Aug 6th, 2020
supreme worker fired

Supreme Worker Fired For Acting Friendly Towards Customers

NEW YORK—Living close to a Supreme store doesn’t necessarily mean shopping there is all fun and games. You have to deal with bribable security, backdooring, and some of the rudest customer service you’ will ever encounter. However, this wasn’t always the case. Supreme recently fired one of their workers, Sean Marcade, for allegedly being too friendly towards customers. He states, “I really can’t believe that they fired me just for being nice. My coworkers would regularly make fun of customers or completely ignore them. I can’t act like that.”

In response to this allegement, DSR sent an undercover shopper into Supreme’s Lafayette store. Two Supreme employees immediately roasted him for wearing a pair of Roshe’s.

When asking Supreme for a comment regarding Marcade’s termination, they asserted, “Marcade was simply not up to par with our corporate culture. We expect our staff to be cold and uninviting, reinforcing the skate brand aesthetic which 5% of our customers still remember.”

Marcade was spotted the following week volunteering at a local soup kitchen wearing a full Palace fit.