Fri. Jun 5th, 2020
Supreme SS '19

9 Must Cop Items From Supreme’s SS ‘19 Preview

We have compiled a list of the top 9 must cop Supreme items dropping in their Spring Summer 2019 season. Before you buy Supreme SS ’19 be sure to read this list. May the flex be with you.

  1. GORE-TEX Poncho

When it comes to flexing in the rain, it’s hard to do it better than this. You may be getting soaked ruining the $500 sneakers on your feet, but you’re doing it in style. This Supreme Gore-Tex poncho will keep you dry while simultaneously blaring the Supreme logo to everyone around you.

DSR Bonus: It will make you look like an inductee in the upcoming Space Force.

2. Supreme/Vanson Leathers Ghost Rider Jacket

The ultimate homage to one of the greatest Nicolas Cage movies. This jacket will have you thinking about stealing the Declaration of Independence while simultaneously transforming you into a flaming skull. Like we said, ultimate homage.

3. New York Painted Trucker Jacket

What could be better than the greatest city in the world painted onto the back of your jean jacket? Oh, maybe the fact that it is a 9/11 memorial with the Twin Towers prominently displayed. Do you even care about firefighters or your country if you don’t cop this jacket? The answer is: probably not.

4. Nylon Cargo Vest/Pant Combo

Wear these two in tandem and watch yourself transform into a chick magnet. The amount of pockets on these bad boys is insane. Can be perfectly utilized to hold all of the bras and panties the ladies will be throwing at you while you walk around wearing these two fire pieces.

DSR Bonus: The Supreme fishing lures pair perfectly with this utility suit.

5. Fuzzy Pile Trucker Jacket

Y’all ever wanted to look like a flaming hot cheeto? Well, look no further fam. This jacket will literally have you looking like a snack.

6. Pinstripe Varsity Jacket

For all the red-blooded Americans who love displaying Asian characters without knowing their meaning. Will go perfectly with the koi fish chest tattoo you got last summer. Rock this without an undershirt, slightly unzip, and you have the most fire fit in the Walmart parking lot.

7. Plaid Suit

Time to get down to business. You probably assumed that this list was just going to be full of jokes. That’s not the case as this next essential piece is a GO TO for every entrepreneur reading this article. Which 90% of you reading this consider yourself to be. Listen, everybody needs a suit. Even, yes you, the social media influencers. Time to grow up and buy this Supreme branded suit. Hell get two colors while you are at it. Our recommendation, the black for the boardroom and the tan for those low key summer business outings.

8. Drills Work Shirt

For everyone who is in love with Home Improvement and Tim Allen. I mean, who isn’t obsessed with a famous Hollywood actor who almost received a life sentence for trafficking cocaine but copped a plea by ratting out all of his friends? Tim Allen, the Santa Claus legend will channel his BDE to whomever rocks this work shirt.

9. Supreme/Meissen Hand-Painted Porcelain Cupid Figurine  

There are a number of great accessories this season. Too many to choose from for this list. So if we had to choose one, it would be this one. Why? Because it is hands down the biggest lowkey flex. This figurine has absolutely zero use cases besides sitting somewhere in your dirty ass apartment. And you know it will be outrageously expensive. For those who are able to cop something useless as this, we salute you.