Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

9 Upcoming Collabs You Must Cop This Spring

In an era where a new collaboration drops daily, it has become increasingly difficult to separate the cream from the crop. Luckily, Deadstock Report has dug through all the hottest upcoming releases and made the work easy. In this list, you’ll find the X hottest brand collaborations that you don’t want to miss this upcoming Spring/Summer ‘19.

Adidas x Hooked on Phonics

In an unexpected collaboration, Adidas plans to release an apparel line with famed children’s grammar series, Hooked on Phonics, later this year. For years, Adidas has dealt with a global mispronunciation of its name. Though internally referred to as “ah-dee-dus,” the rest of the world has unanimously agreed the company is pronounced as “ah-didus.” The line will predominantly feature graphic prints, as CEO Zion Armstrong plans to use the collaboration to finally teach the world how to properly pronounce the company’s name. The stakes are high for Armstrong. Rumor has it that he will be fired if he does not succeed in correcting the public’s pronunciation of the company name. Due to the high stakes, this collaboration ranks as one of the hottest this season.

Supreme x Supreme

After running out of collaborators, Supreme has finally done what everyone thought could happen, but truly hoped would not: collaborate with itself. Diehard fans of the brand claim to have seen it coming. Recent collabs with Luden’s, Band-Aid, Metro, and the New York Post proved the streetwear giant had exhausted itself of ideas. The collaboration began as a tongue-in-cheek joke within the design team office, but eventually grew into something serious. Projected to be the most sought-after Supreme collab of all time, this collection will be nearly impossible to get your hands on. According to dozens of Supreme resell prediction accounts on IG, the most sought after piece will be the tee depicting a box logo tee wearing a box logo tee.

Kith x Barney & Friends

For its upcoming Monday program drop, Ronnie Fieg and his Kith team tap into Saturday morning children’s cartoons once again. This time, the Kith crew is taking our childhood nostalgia a little further back by collaborating with the giant purple dinosaur, Barney, and his prehistoric friends. The collection will feature an “I Love You, You Love Me” motif, something Fieg comments has “been missing,” from the culture. Special edition Kith box logos will feature an assortment of Barney characters including the titular dinosaur himself, Baby Bop, Riff, and B.J. For resellers interested in flipping, expect the size XL Baby Bop tee to be the most valuable of the set.

Gosha X GOP

Fresh off WikiLeaks’ press, new documents reveal key members of the GOP had been planning a limited collaboration with Gosha Rubchinsky, the disgraced designer accused of being a pedophile. According to details in the reports, the collaboration was called off by GOP leaders due to its controversy, although several members expressed their desire to move forward with the collection for reasons of “bolstering party image in the critical younger demographics.” According to GOP senior members who asked to remain anonymous, the collaboration was heavily supported by Trump and his cabinet despite the controversy behind the designer. For his take on the matter, Deadstock Report DM’ed President Trump. Unsurprisingly, Trump replied, “He’s absolutely innocent until proven guilty. I think Gosha is a great, fantastic man. What he does in his private life doesn’t concern me. I would give the collab a green light if I were in charge.” Whether this collab will release is still up in the air, however, resell is expected to be insanely high for those who do manage to backdoor any private stock.


It was only a matter of time until this collaboration happened. StockX recently announced a limited promotion with the NASDAQ stock exchange. The promotion will incentivize sneakerheads to stop acting like children, sell their DS shoes sitting in their closet on StockX, and reinvest their money in NASDAQ stocks like responsible adults. Though not a purchasable product, this collaboration seeks to benefit the greater good and lift many sneakerheads out of their cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Off-White x Louis Vuitton

Looking to cement his position at the top of the world of hype, Virgil Abloh has announced a collaboration between two of the brands he designs for: Off-White and Louis Vuitton. The collection will combine aesthetics from each brand such as the LV monogram print and the Off-White zip-tags. Early resell predictions are showing a six figure value for every piece in the collection on the secondary market. Rumors are also revolving that the major resale platform, StockX, has paid an exorbitant amount of bribes to make this collab happen so they may collect fees from the resellers.

Nike x Bush Beans

Nike plans to take the comfort of its recently launched Air Max 720 model to new heights with its upcoming collaboration with Bush Beans. By filling the full-length Air Max unit with Bush’s signature BBQ Baked Beans, Nike claims the shoe will offer 30% greater energy transfer with each step and enhanced all-day comfort. Shoe industry experts suggest that this partnership will finally give Nike ammunition to compete with Adidas’ Boost cushioning. Colorways will include “Brown Sugar,” “Grillin’ Beans,” and “Refried Beans.” Rumors on Twitter have revealed a possible fourth, most rare colorway: “Garbanzo Beans.” Look for a shock drop around the 4th of July, just in case you feel like cutting through the air unit and having a great side to go with your brisket.


GOAT, the sneaker reselling app, announced last week it will be partnering with PETA to add animals to its platform this summer. The pilot program will launch with only designer dogs initially. Sellers will be able to ship their dogs to the GOAT x PETA co-branded kennel, where PETA specialists will authenticate the breed of their designer dog. Sellers will also have the opportunity to add important history on their dog when listing it, such as whether it is inbred, if it acts retarded, if it can breathe through all the folds covering its snout, if there has been any damage to its box, and if it includes OG all such as original tags and collar. Fans of Pomskies, Frenchies, and other breeds commonly bred unethically can rejoice over the collaboration, as they’ll at least be getting their f*cked up, inbred fur baby at a cheaper price.

Deadstock Report x Big Dog Sportswear

This last collab is dear to our hearts because it involves two major, mainstream brands: Deadstock Report and Big Dogs Sportswear. The collab, dropping Spring/Summer ‘19, will feature the iconic Big Dog decked out in today’s hottest brands. Although this collab is not official because Steve from Big Dog is refusing to our answer our emails (tf Steve), we have moved forward with a graphic. We would sell it to you but we could get sued over it so if you want one make sure to DM us saying you definitely “DO NOT” want one of these and we will make sure to “NEVER” send you one. Quick heads up that we will only accept Paypal in this fictitious and hypothetical sales exchange.