Fri. Jun 5th, 2020
michael jordan bootcut legend

Michael Jordan: Bootcut Legend

When the name Michael Jordan comes to mind, most people think of his six rings, sneakers, or proclivity to “Put it all on red, baby!” For those observant of his personal style, Jordan stands for offensive fits, NOT his historic offense and buzzer beaters.

Jordan dresses like every trip to his closet is an attempt to recreate Netflix’s Bird Box. Completely blind, he grabs a pair of jeans so wide, obtuse, and clunky, they look like they should be flying high – bearing a nation’s flag, rather than the legs of the NBA’s most valuable and iconic athlete.

MJ might be the most influential athlete of all time. However, his off-court sartorial choices have us questioning his GOAT status as an off-court style legend, an argument which prevents him from being a clear winner when pitted against LeBron James. Before we place Mike on a pedestal, let’s judge him not on his ability to shoot a basketball, but on his choice to dress like a father of four treating his family to their weekly dinner outing at Olive Garden.

Check out the list below for the 7 best fits from the King of basketball, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and your Dad’s jeans, Air Jordan himself.

Jordan is seen here taking a knee, maybe to protest the brutality of this fit on the eyes of jawnz enthusiasts everywhere. Puffer vest, check. Bootcut boys, check. Jordan logo hat so he doesn’t forget who he is. Check. Literally zero personal style or care for how he looks. Check.

MJ really had to do it to us with this one. Sporting the ripped up boys with a nice shirt (tucked in for stability and silhouette). Cell phone clipped to the side, homeboy has to keep that MF’ing thang on him just in case he needs to call in a last minute over bet on the big game.

When your shirt is bootcut too>>>. Also, you might want to tuck it in so it doesn’t look too baggy. Michael returns to the diamond, this time to throw out the first pitch.

Boots with bootcut jeans, a glorious combo so beautiful, they were made for each other. Who knew the proper jeans have the ability to make big clunky boots look small. MJ got us saying, “What size are those?”

The only thing better than the cut of those (unconfirmed) sweats and 13s is that Michael Jordan continues to wear a hat that Eminem exclusively wears. Homie looks good rocking the semi-groutfit and nursing the coffee to try and stay awake. MJ: the big bootcut teddy bear.

Not really sure what’s going on here. All we know is what we have come to expect. Baggy boys blowing breezily in the wind with every step. Yup, that’s our off-court hero. Slowly watching the Charlotte Hornets crash and burn while making up for their lackluster performance with his bold and flashy sartorial choices. Mike is sitting courtside here and based off the length of those pants you would think the Spectrum Center is preparing for a flood warning. Well guess whose pants are staying dry? That’s right, this guy’s.

This is the most recent public bootcut spotting of the GOAT and it occured at The Social Status in Charlotte during NBA All-Star Break Weekend. Jordan showed up flexing the new AJ1 x Travis Scott, obnoxiously hungover, and sporting his signature wide-mouth jeans. Thank you Jordan for showing us the PROPER way to rock the inverted swoosh.